About Us

Barney and Bella Miller opened Miller Shoes back in 1926 as a family neighbourhood shoe store in Hamilton’s North End. They lived above the store and managed it through the depression and the war. But Miller Shoes’ identity really took form with their son Irwin. His feet were disfigured from a childhood bout with polio and it was this need to find specialty shoes that brought us into the hard to find size business. Over the years Miller Shoes became one of Ontario’s most sought out stores for wide fitting, orthopaedic, and comfort shoes. With the addition of Irwin’s son Brian, the third generation of Miller Shoes introduced narrow fittings and high fashion European styles. This process of continual adaptation towards changing consumer preferences has led us to the top trade shows in Europe. Now in our fourth generation with Brian’s son Daniel, Miller Shoes has retained it’s identity as a store for hard to fit feet while showcasing unique and premium quality products in an unmatched array of sizes.