April 25, 2024

Online Shoe Shopping

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Shoes are one of the most commonly returned online purchases because there are so many variables that come with trying to get a perfect fit. Many purists will tell you that they would never buy shoes online. While we would prefer to have you in the store (it makes things easier) sometimes that’s not possible.

Here’s our advice for buying shoes online:

Try to look for manufacturers you have familiarity with.

While not every SAS or Munro shoe fits the same you will at least have a pretty good idea what works for your foot. Keep in mind that fit can change between models (even those made on the same last).  

Be flexible about your size.

Sizes will vary between manufacturers, and even between models. No one has a single fixed size. Running shoes tend to fit small while leather dress shoes tend to fit larger. Also each manufacturer uses different sizing systems. If you’re a women’s 8 in North America, you may be a 39 in European and a 5.5 in UK sizes.  

Walk around with the shoes on.

It might seem obvious but when you get a new pair of shoes make sure to try both on and walk around your house. They should be comfortably snug in the instep but roomy in the toes. Heel slippage is a common complaint and it’s something we can resolve in store through some basic adjustments. If you feel that your new shoes would fit comfortably if only your heel didn’t slip then contact us for a solution. 

Last and most important of all, if you are unsure and need help please contact us for advice. Best bet is to email us at info@millershoes.com 

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