May 31, 2024

Special Sizes

Do you wear a shoes size other than medium? If so, you can relate to this blog post.

Medium for women means a B width and for men a D width. Always two sizes or widths between genders.

Here at Miler Shoes, we understand that there is a world beyond medium, and average is nothing more than a starting point to get your correct size.

We stock women’s sizes in a range from 3 – 14 and widths from 4A, 3A, 2A, B, C, D, E, 2E ,4E. Not every shoe comes in all these width and size combinations, but you may be surprised just how many actually do.

For men’s the scale changes slightly. Sizes range from 6 – 18 and widths are B, D, E, 2E, 3E, 4E, 5E, 6E. Again, not every shoe is available in every width and size combination but let us surprise you.

Why are many of these sizes so hard to find? The answer is two fold. Manufactures often are not interested in any size outside of the mean average and retailers are worried about the commitment to inventory. To specialize in narrow or wide shoes, inventory must be 3 to 6 times larger. Shoe fitting is an inaccurate science, so we can’t measure and order the correct size with 100 % certainty.

You are not the same size in everything, so people must try on their shoes. People with narrow feet or extra wide feet, you have found a home at Miller Shoes. We have everything from runners, dress shoes, casuals, sandals and boots all in your width and size. We also have the expertise to understand your issues and recommend footwear that will work for you and meet your requests.

Here are the most popular brands for those special sizes and widths:

Munro for both womens narrow and wide

Robert Zur womens narrow

Dansi for womens small and large sizes

Allen Edmonds and Samuel Hubbard for mens extra wide widths

New balance both mens and women narrow to extra wide, large sizes

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